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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Our board-certified plastic surgeon and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, Dr. Thornwell Parker, will take careful precaution when suturing following Mohs surgery so that scarring can be minimized. Though the surgery has a very high success rate, it does leave scars. At Skin Cancer Consultants in Dallas, TX, we offer plastic/reconstructive surgery after Mohs treatment for patients with larger, more complex scarring. Rather than having to transfer to another facility for plastic surgery, our skilled plastic surgeon on staff — Dr. Parker is equipped to perform many plastic surgery procedures for the North Texas community. Dr. Parker provides a full spectrum of services, from simple linear repairs to complex flap procedures. Each patient’s care is individualized, taking into consideration the location and size of the cancer, the tissue affected, and the overall aesthetic goal of the patient.

The Surgical Process

The care one receives after a Mohs procedure is equally vital to the care one receives beforehand. Depending on the size of the affected site, various types of healing measures will be assessed. Sometimes wounds are allowed to heal on their own.  The simplest procedure is a linear repair, which is essentially suturing in a straight line. Linear repairs themselves are performed with varying levels of complexity. Flaps are another type of reconstruction. Flaps entail using tissue that is still connected to your body by an artery and vein. This living patch of tissue has its own supply of blood and can be utilized in reconstructive surgeries to fill in the affected site. Dr. Parker specializes in various types of flap procedures, which are very effective in healing areas such as the tip of the nose, the rim of the ear, and areas around the nostril. Skin grafts can also be considered. A graft is created by stealing skin from another part of the body and used to patch the hole created from Mohs surgery. 

What to Expect

Just as a Mohs procedure is not a simple task, neither is follow-up reconstructive surgery. It is important to keep in mind that each post-Mohs procedure is unique for a variety of factors. When dealing with skin loss after various types of skin cancer removals such as Mohs, there are various options for repair of your wound. Sometimes a simpler procedure yields the best results, and other times flap surgery may be the best option. Since flaps have their own blood supply, they are stronger than skin grafts and usually produce a superior, more aesthetically pleasing cosmetic result since flaps match the surrounding skin color and texture better. So, expect to go through the common steps of pre-surgery consultations, during which the best options, goals and potential risks are discussed and informed consent is reviewed.

Treatment Aftercare

Immediately after surgery, Dr. Parker will observe you for a period of time to ensure that you are awake and aware of your surroundings. Then you will be allowed to return home, usually on the same day, with precise instructions about how to best care for your wound. You may also be provided antibiotics and other types of prescriptions to fill. It is imperative to carefully tend to the wound per the instructions and to monitor any signs of infection. Should you develop a fever over 101° F, along with increasing redness, discharge, and pain, contact Dr. Parker immediately. All antibiotics need to be taken, and smoking should be eliminated as this reduces the effectiveness of the healing process.

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$900 - $3,000
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1-2 weeks
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5-7 days
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Compassionate Consultations

At Skin Cancer Consultants, we are available to talk about Mohs procedures in any respect, including how to prepare for yours, what to expect along the way, and the potential for reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Parker is one of the most talented and respected Mohs surgeons in the Dallas area, as well as the entire country. From cancer diagnosis and lesion removal to reconstructive care to produce a natural-looking aesthetic outcome, Skin Cancer Consultants is here to offer a personalized, compassionate approach. We invite you to call our Dallas office to schedule your consultation today.

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