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What is a Cyst?

There are many kinds of cysts, but a sebaceous cyst is the most common. They form when a patch of skin begins to grow within itself. As the skin continues to grow, it generates a ball of tissue instead sloughing off from the exterior as skin tissue would typically do. As more cells get trapped, the ball begins to grow within the skin pocket as it continually tries to rid itself of the old cells. If it grows too large or gets squeezed, it can rupture and be very painful. After such an event, the area will become inflamed and possibly infected. For the treatment of cysts, Skin Cancer Consultants of Dallas, TX may recommend cyst removal. Under the guidance of procedural-trained dermatologist and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thornwell Parker, this procedure can be performed without issue.  

Types of Cysts

Pilar cysts appear on your scalp. They are generally identified when people notice what feel like knots under their hair. Again, without treatment they may grow until they burst or get infected. Additionally, they will start affecting hair growth in that area. Digital mucous cysts occur near joints, particularly fingers and toes, and contain joint fluid. They typically show up on the joint closest to the nail as a clear, hard bubble, similar to a blister. Sebaceous cysts are most common. As outlined above, they form when the skin turns in on itself to create a growing sac of old skin cells. As with all cysts, the sooner you can contact Skin Cancer Consultants and arrange for a cyst removal, the less discomfort you will experience and smaller chance you will risk repeat cysts.

Warning Signs

It can be disconcerting for someone to suddenly feel something hard under their skin which wasn’t there before. Also, it can’t be assumed the hard area is a cyst at all. As with any new growth, it’s important to have it checked out at Skin Care Consultants as soon as possible. If you feel a growth in your neck, it may be a lymph node instead. Evaluation and/or treatment for growing lymph nodes requires immediate attention.  Enlarged lymph node are often benign resulting from inflammation or infection, like a cold, but can also point to more serious issues liek lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. Another cause of a hard mass under your skin could be from scar tissue, infections, diseases, duct blockages, etc. Regardless of your symptoms, our Skin Cancer Consultants team is standing by to help you diagnose and treat it so that you can return your skin to its previously healthy state.  

Treatment Options

After consulting with our medical team to proceed with cyst removal, there are standard steps which are usually followed. Before the procedure, one of our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker will mark and numb the area around the cyst with local anesthesia, like lidocaine. This might sting, but the worst part is over. From then on, you should feel very little pain. He will then remove the pocket of skin cells which contains the cyst and stitch up the wound with interior and exterior stitches. Most stitches will dissolve in a few weeks as the wound heals from the inside out. Our plastic surgeons will utilize their skill to ensure that the scar is as small and smooth as possible. Without removal, the cyst can continue to grow until it bursts, increasing the risk of repeated cysts.

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Eliminate the Concern

Cysts aren’t typically preventable and the outcome of the growth depends on what is causing it and how big it is. Most are small, harmless, and easily removed. There is a small percentage, however, that are linked to infectious agents and/or contain malignant cells. If only the cyst contents are removed but the cyst covering remains intact, the cyst has a much higher chance of recurring. A very important fact to remember is that under no circumstances should you attempt to pop, lance, cut, or aspirate the cyst yourself at home, despite a plethora of home remedies suggesting that it is safe. Such actions usually only exacerbate the site. When you notice a cyst, simply arrange for a consultation with Skin Cancer Consultants to have it examined and removed.

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